Software and hardware developer who likes learning new things with a passion of sharing knowledge with others.


I have several places with content on the web. Most items deal with software and hardware development but there are some other things such as travel blogs and reviews. Here is a list of some content ordered from most recent to older material.

  • –  This page, which provides a catalog of most content that I have written and is still available on the web.
  • The Electrical Engineer’s Logbook @ – A revamp of the site to see if I can add some regularity by adding projects at a regular schedule. The content on this site will eventually replace the existing site.
  • The Electrical Engineer’s Logbook @ – This is a site that I hope to turn into a business. I post information on the current projects that I’m working on.
  • My Keto Diet Journey – (2018) A blog documenting my experience with the Keto Diet
  • Richard’s Notes – (2014) A blog of various things, mostly technical in nature.
  • Our Travels – (2013) A blog documenting our family trip to Thailand and Laos.
  • chumbydev – (2013) Some information about Chumby devices and  information on widgets that I developed for the Chumby devices using ActionScript.
  • Random Thoughts – (2010) A blog documenting random things that I was working on at the time.
  • Virginia Tech MBA Dominion Cohort – (2010) A blog documenting the capstone trip for my MBA at Virginia Tech.

Social Media Content

  • YouTube
    • richteel – Personal videos with mostly tech and travel
    • TeelSys (User) – An attempt at creating a YouTube presence for TeelSys
    • TeelSys LLC – An attempt to create a channel for TeelSys
  • Facebook
    • TeelSys LLC – Facebook presence to drive traffic to
  • Twitter
    • richardteel – Personal Twitter Account
    • TeelSys – Account to promote TeelSys site content
  • Flickr

Open Source Content